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AECOM filed this Form S-1 on 03/08/2007

believe that these types of long-term relationships allow us to better understand and be more responsive to our clients' needs and better manage their risks. These relationships also lead to repeat business opportunities and opportunities to expand the scope of the value-added services we provide to existing clients.

We have a successful history of executing and integrating acquisitions.

        We believe one of our core competencies is successfully identifying, executing and integrating acquisition opportunities. We have consummated more than 30 mergers and acquisitions since 1998 that have enabled us to expand our end markets, service offerings and geographic reach. This acquisition activity has provided us with access to new markets at lower risk and faster speed relative to our entering the markets as a new participant. We have targeted, and we will continue to target, firms that enable us to add backlog, long-term client relationships and experienced executives who can provide leadership across our company. In addition, we derive our acquisition synergies through "cross selling" the capabilities of our newly acquired companies to our existing clients and our global capabilities to clients of our newly acquired companies.

        The following is a brief summary of some of our key mergers and acquisitions since 2000:

    Metcalf and Eddy.    In April 2000, we added Metcalf and Eddy, a Massachusetts-based firm founded in 1907, which provided us with a global brand for our water and wastewater businesses.

    Maunsell Group.    In April 2000, we added the Maunsell Group, a global engineering firm founded in 1970, which provided us with a strong presence in the engineering markets in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong/China and Australia.

    Oscar Faber Ltd.    In October 2001, we added Oscar Faber, a U.K.-based building services, environmental and transportation planning firm founded in 1921, which we then merged with Maunsell to create Faber Maunsell, further expanding our presence in the United Kingdom.

    UMA Group.    In September 2004, we added UMA Group, Ltd., a Canada-based engineering firm founded in 1912, which expanded our presence in the North American market.

    ENSR Corporation.    In September 2005, we added ENSR Corporation, a Massachusetts-based global environmental management firm founded in 1968, which strengthened our position in the energy infrastructure and environmental management markets and increased the number of multi-national corporations we serve.

    EDAW.    In December 2005, we added EDAW, Inc., a California-based global urban planning and landscape architectural firm founded in 1939, which increased our planning and design capabilities in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Asia/Pacific.

    Cansult Limited.    In September 2006, we added Cansult Limited, a Canada-based engineering firm founded in 1961 that operates predominantly in the Middle East. Cansult's operations, combined with our existing operations in the Middle East, make us one of the largest engineering firms in the region.

    Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern.    In January 2007, we added Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern, a Virginia-based facilities, environmental and civil engineering firm founded in 1947. This addition broadened our presence in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions of the United States and expanded our U.S. presence in areas such as facilities and water resources.