News Release

AECOM Announces Operating Company Appointments

New Presidents at CTE, DMJM Aviation, TCB; Expanded Role for DMJM H&N President

LOS ANGELES (February 27, 2006) – AECOM, the global design and management company, has announced the appointment of the following AECOM company presidents:  Dick Wolsfeld at CTE, Loren Smith at DMJM Aviation, and Jim Thompson at TCB. Ray Landy was appointed DMJM H&N Chief Executive and will continue as its President.

In his new role, Wolsfeld will oversee CTE, a transportation and environmental services firm specializing in urban infrastructure. An industry veteran with more than 35 years of experience, Wolsfeld moved to his new role from sister AECOM company DMJM Harris, where he previously served as Executive Vice President and Operating Division General Manager. He is based in Chicago.

In addition to serving as President of DMJM Aviation, which provides program/construction management along with planning, design, and systems engineering services at many of the world's largest airports, Loren Smith is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Tampa, Florida-based company. He has over 30 years of experience overseeing mega-aviation projects.

Thompson brings more than 22 years of management and professional experience to his new role as President of the Houston, Texas-based engineering firm TCB, which is comprised of Turner Collie & Braden, SURVCON, and P&D Consultants. Previously he served as President of Turner Collie & Braden, having joined the company following its merger with J.F. Thompson, Inc. in 2005.

In his dual role as Chief Executive and President of DMJM H&N, Landy will oversee the company's global design practice, which integrates architecture, technology, and management services. During his 26 years with Los Angeles-based DMJM H&N and its precursors, Landy has helped shape the company's continued development of design excellence, sustainability, program/construction management, and integrated platforms.

Photos of Dick Wolsfeld, Jim Thompson, and Ray Landy are available in the Image Library.