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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Employment Agreement), then Mr. Wotring shall be entitled to an amount equal to one times Mr. Wotring's base salary in effect immediately prior to the termination date as well as twelve months of paid COBRA coverage premiums and long-term disability and term life insurance coverage.

Regular U.S. Severance Policy

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the Company's U.S. severance program, regular full-time and regular part-time fixed-schedule employees are eligible for severance pay if their employment in the U.S. is terminated or their status is converted to part-time for reasons the Company determines, in its discretion, to be severance-qualifying under the following circumstances: lack of work, reorganization or restructuring of a unit or group, reduction in force, or elimination of job or position. Employees who are offered a comparable position with a successor, vendor, contractor, or customer or who decline a reasonable opportunity for an internal transfer are not eligible for severance. The Company retains the right to amend or terminate its severance pay plan at any time without advance notice.

Severance benefits are computed on the basis of the employee's base rate of pay, regular full-time or part-time fixed classification, most recent date of hire and regular work schedule at the time of termination, excluding all other types of compensation, such as overtime, shift differential or other salary uplifts, bonuses, commissions and incentives. NEOs are eligible for 12 weeks of base pay regardless of years of service.

Long-Term Incentive Equity

Pursuant to the terms of each of the restricted stock unit and PEP awards ("Long-Term Incentive Equity" in the tables below) held by our NEOs, upon the date of a termination of the executive's employment as a result of death or disability, all unvested restricted stock unit and PEP awards will vest in full. Disability means the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to result in death or that has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. Upon the date of a termination of the executive's employment as a result of Retirement, a pro rata vesting portion of then unvested restricted stock unit and PEP awards will vest. The proration will be calculated as a percentage where the denominator is the number of months in the performance cycle of the relevant award and the numerator is the number of whole months from the beginning date of the performance cycle through the date of the executive's termination.