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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Significant Recent Corporate Governance Actions

As a result of ongoing and expanded engagement between management and the Board with our stockholders, we have implemented several significant corporate governance actions including adopting majority voting, proxy access, providing stockholders with a right to call a special meeting, and removing supermajority provisions to approve business combinations. These favorable stockholder measures create a balance between the expansion of stockholder rights and the safeguarding of the long-term interests of AECOM and its stockholders.

    Adopted Majority Voting       2018      

Adopted majority voting in an uncontested election of directors commencing with our 2020 Annual Meeting

    Adopted Proxy Access for Director Nominations       2017      

Stock ownership threshold of 3%

Holding period of 3 years

May submit nominees consisting of up to 20% of our Board or two directors

Up to 20 stockholders may group together to reach 3% stock ownership threshold

    Adopted Right to Call a Special Meeting of Stockholders       2017      

Stockholders owning 25% or more of our shares may request a special meeting of stockholders

    Removed Supermajority Provision to Approve Business Combinations       2017      

Supermajority provision to approve business combinations was eliminated


Board Age and Tenure