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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Stock Ownership Guidelines for Named Executive Officers

NEOs are subject to stock ownership guidelines, which helps to ensure that their interests are aligned with those of stockholders. Under the guidelines, AECOM's CEO is required to maintain ownership of AECOM stock at six times base salary and the other NEOs at three times base salary. The minimum number of shares required to meet the guideline is updated annually based on each executive's salary and the 12-month trailing average AECOM stock price. Shares owned directly and indirectly, unvested PEP units and other restricted stock units and vested stock options/shares are counted toward the guidelines. Executives have five full fiscal years, starting from the date an executive is first subject to the guidelines, to comply.

The following table outlines the stock ownership of AECOM's NEOs as of September 30, 2018.

Named Executive Officers

      Guideline —
Salary Multiple
      Actual —
Salary Multiple

Michael S. Burke

      6.0       32.4  

W. Troy Rudd

      3.0       9.0  

Randall A. Wotring

      3.0       10.9  

Carla J. Christofferson

      3.0       6.8  

John C. Vollmer

      3.0       4.9  

Each of the NEOs' level of AECOM stock ownership exceeded the applicable guideline levels as of the above date.

Benefit, Retirement and Perquisite Programs

To protect the Company's executives' health and well-being, facilitate the operation of the business, assist in the retention of current executives and aid in the recruitment of new executives, AECOM's NEOs are eligible to participate in benefit plans that are available to a substantial amount of all employees, including participation in retirement plans, medical insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and disability insurance programs. Further, the Company offers certain additional benefits only to executive officers and other senior officers, where applicable, which consist of the following:

    Executive Life Insurance.  AECOM provides life insurance coverage for an amount up to $2 million for each NEO.

    Executive Disability Program.  AECOM provides an Executive Disability Program, which offers salary replacement of up to 60% of salary in the event of an executive's disability (maximum $25,000 per month).

    Executive Health Program.  AECOM's CEO became an executive officer prior to the time the plan became frozen to new participants and, as such, is eligible to participate in the U.S. Executive Health Program on an annual basis. This plan provides up to 100% reimbursement for necessary medical, prescription, dental and vision expenses.

    AECOM Executive Deferred Compensation Plan.  A non-qualified deferred compensation plan that enables highly compensated U.S. employees to defer compensation.

    Perquisites.  The Company believes that offering certain limited perquisites, including an executive allowance to offset normal business expenses incurred by the executive in service to the Company, facilitates the operation of AECOM's business and assists in executive retention.