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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Proxy Statement Summary

Meeting Information

Record Date:   January 9, 2019
Meeting Date:   March 6, 2019, 8:00 A.M. (Pacific Time)
Location:   Conference Center, 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

This summary highlights information contained elsewhere in our Proxy Statement and does not contain all of the information that you should consider. We encourage you to read the entire Proxy Statement carefully before voting. We made this Proxy Statement first available to stockholders on January 23, 2019.

Stockholder Voting Matters


      Board's Voting

Elect directors to serve until our 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

      FOR EACH       10

Ratify the selection of Ernst & Young LLP as our independent registered public accounting firm for Fiscal Year 2019.

      FOR       14

Approve our Amended & Restated Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

      FOR       16

Advisory vote to approve our executive compensation.

      FOR       20

How to Vote



Vote Online
You can vote your shares online by following the instructions on your proxy card




Vote by Phone
You can vote your shares by phone by following the instructions on your proxy card (1-800-652-8683) — or scan the QR code:




Vote by Mail
You can vote your shares by mail by requesting a printed copy of the proxy materials and signing, dating and mailing the enclosed proxy card to:
            GRAPHIC       AECOM
1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2600
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Attn: Corporate Secretary

Our Board of Directors


  Primary (or Former) Occupation

Michael S. Burke       55       2014       Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, AECOM       No     None  
James H. Fordyce‡       59       2006       Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Stone Canyon Industries LLC       Yes     CO*, SRS  
Senator William H. Frist       66       2014       Partner, Cressey & Company       Yes     A, NG  
Linda Griego       71       2005       President and Chief Executive Officer, Griego Enterprises Inc.       Yes     CO, NG*  
Dr. Robert J. Routs       72       2010       Executive Director (Retired), U.S. Downstream Operations, Royal Dutch Shell plc       Yes     CO, SRS*  
Clarence T. Schmitz       70       2014       Co-Founder and Former Chief Executive Officer, Outsource Partners International Inc.       Yes     A*, CO  
Douglas W. Stotlar       58       2014       Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Con-way Inc.       Yes     A, SRS  
Daniel R. Tishman       63       2010       Director and Officer of Tishman Holdings Corporation       No     SRS  
General Janet C. Wolfenbarger       60       2015       General (Retired), United States Air Force       Yes     NG, SRS  
A = Audit Committee   SRS = Strategy, Risk & Safety Committee   ‡ = Lead Independent Director
CO = Compensation/Organization Committee   * = Committee Chair    
NG = Nominating/Governance Committee   † = Chairman of the Board