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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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2018 Long-Term Incentive Award

As part of its review of fiscal year 2018 performance, the Compensation Committee analyzed the role and responsibilities of each NEO, including their past and current performance history, and prevailing market practices with respect to the Company's compensation peer group and across industries. Annual equity awards were not determined based on the attainment of any particular individual, Company or third party performance metric but were instead based on a consideration of all relevant factors as applied to each NEO (taking into consideration the Compensation Committee's collective experience regarding appropriate annual equity grant levels). Based on this assessment, the Compensation Committee approved the following equity awards in fiscal year 2018:

          2017         2018        
NEO         RSU Award ($)         PEP Target Award ($)         RSU Award ($)         PEP Target Award ($)       Overview of Changes
Michael S. Burke       $ 4,400,001       $ 6,994,681       $ 4,400,025       $ 6,907,415       Effectively flat year-over-year
W. Troy Rudd       $ 600,028       $ 953,824       $ 800,015       $ 1,255,894       Increase based on competitive compensation data
Randall A. Wotring       $ 720,003       $ 1,144,589       $ 1,000,027       $ 1,569,886       Increase based on competitive compensation data and recognition of greater experience in the COO role
Carla J. Christofferson       $ 540,002       $ 858,462       $ 600,002       $ 941,940       Increase based on competitive compensation data
John C. Vollmer                       $ 400,026       $ 627,947       Increase reflects promotion to Section 16 Officer status

2018 PEP Design and 2019 Design Changes

Starting in fiscal year 2019, our Compensation Committee made significant design changes to our PEP awards following direct engagement with stockholders. A comparison of the revised design changes made in fiscal year 2019 and the fiscal year 2018 design is provided below.

  Current PEP Award — Fiscal Year 2018
  Redesigned PEP Award — Fiscal Year 2019
Performance Metrics       Adjusted Earnings Per Share = 37.5%

Free Cash Flow Per Share = 37.5%

Relative Total Stockholder Return = 25%

      ROIC = 50%

Free Cash Flow Per Share = 50%

Performance Periods       Adjusted EPS and Free Cash Flow per Share — Three annual performance periods

Relative TSR — One three-year performance period

      All metrics — One three-year performance period

2018 Goal Setting

The Compensation Committee reviews the financial, strategic and operational goals of the Company's long-term plan when determining the financial targets for its NEOs. Financial performance goal setting is built upon a rigorous, bottom-up financial planning process across the entire organization.

Adjusted EPS

The adjusted EPS target was consistent with the Company's 2018 financial plan and consistent with fiscal year 2018 financial guidance presented to investors.