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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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The fiscal year 2018 target and earned annual cash bonuses for our NEOs as compared to fiscal year 2017, were as follows:

  2017 Target
  2017 Bonus ($)
  2018 Target
  2018 Bonus ($)

Michael S. Burke

      $ 2,268,750       $ 3,330,315       $ 2,475,000       $ 2,475,000       The Compensation Committee exercised discretion to reduce the CEO's annual bonus from 131.8% to 100.0% to reflect execution challenges that led to operating profit below plan and the resulting underperformance of the Company's stock price.

W. Troy Rudd

      $ 600,000       $ 700,000       $ 634,600       $ 700,000       Achieved outstanding cash performance, executed successful credit agreement refinancing and internal reorganizations.

Randall A. Wotring

      $ 740,000       $ 1,480,000       $ 800,000       $ 1,000,000       Refocused collaborative selling to key clients by market sector and partnered with business development to secure and drive notable wins.

Carla J. Christofferson

      $ 600,000       $ 700,000       $ 625,000       $ 600,000       Improved processes to proactively address safety, ethics & compliance issues, and IT security risks by completing threat assessments.

John C. Vollmer

                      $ 575,000       $ 600,000       Management Services exceeded the fiscal year 2018 financial plan; offset by enterprise-wide performance considerations.

Long-Term Incentive Equity Awards

We believe that long-term equity awards enable us to deliver competitive compensation value to the NEOs at levels sufficient to attract and retain top talent while aligning their interests with that of our stockholders by incentivizing and rewarding increases in stockholder value. Long-term incentive equity awards align our NEOs' interests with those of our stockholders by linking the final value to AECOM's stock price and, for PEP awards, establishing performance metrics that drive long-term stockholder value. Because vesting is based on continued employment over three years, our long-term equity incentives not only serve to help retain our NEOs through the award vesting period but also ensure NEOs are focused on long-term value creation and building sustainable growth.

Long-Term Incentive Equity Awards

Fiscal year 2018 long-term incentive equity awards have a compensation mix composed of:

    60% performance units under the Performance Earnings Program ("PEP") =

    PEP awards include three annual performance periods for our earnings and cash flow metrics and one three-year period for our TSR metric.

    Payouts at the end of the three-year vesting period may range from 0% to 200%.

    40% Restricted Stock Units ("RSUs") =

    The restricted stock units vest three-years after grant.

    Payments = PEPs and RSUs are paid in shares of AECOM stock.

    Final Value = The final value depends on AECOM's stock price, furthering alignment with stockholders.