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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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2019 Rigorous Goal Setting

In response to last year's Say-on-Pay results and feedback from investors, the Compensation Committee revisited how it set its goals for the fiscal year 2019 annual incentive program.

Increased Rigor of Operating Cash Flow per Share Goals

For fiscal year 2019, the Compensation Committee increased the rigor of the free cash flow per share target by setting target performance at 100% (as opposed to 90%) of its adjusted earnings per share target, which exceeds the median three-year performance of the E&C industry (81%). The operating cash flow per share goal is derived by adding capital expenditures per share, net of proceeds from disposals, to the free cash flow per share target. As a result, the rigor of the operating cash flow target also increased. The Compensation Committee believes that targets requiring the Company to outperform the historical performance of its peers maximizes long-term stockholder value.

2018 Pay for Performance

For fiscal year 2018, the NEOs' actual bonus paid as a percentage of target bonus under the annual incentive plan declined due to financial performance that varied across metrics, which resulted in a decline in TSR.

Annual Cash Bonus Paid Percentage of Target


The NEOs' annual cash bonus payouts can range from 0%, if the minimum performance threshold is not achieved, to 200% if the maximum performance standards are met or exceeded. For fiscal year 2018, our NEOs' performances were measured with the following performance metrics and weightings.

  Fiscal Year 2018
Performance Metrics and Weightings

Michael S. Burke       Adjusted Earnings Per Share = 35%

W. Troy Rudd




Operating Cash Flow Per Share = 35%





KPIs = 30%

Randall A. Wotring




Adjusted Earnings Per Share = 25%

Carla J. Christofferson




Operating Cash Flow Per Share = 25%





KPIs = 50%

John C. Vollmer




Pre-VC EBITA (MS) = 35%





Operating Cash Flow (MS) = 35%





KPIs = 30%