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2018 Elements of our Named Executive Officer Compensation

The following is a discussion of the primary elements of fiscal year 2018 compensation for each of our NEOs.

Fixed Incentive Elements

Base Salaries

Our Compensation Committee adjusts base salaries in connection with its periodic review considering the competitive talent market conditions, NEOs' performances, and any change in responsibilities. The following sets forth the fiscal year 2018 base salary increases for each NEO made primarily due to competitive market conditions to retain talent:

  2017 Base Salary
  2018 Base Salary
Michael S. Burke       $1,354,812       $1,466,357    
W. Troy Rudd       $581,167       $625,295    
Randall A. Wotring       $731,925       $783,854    
Carla J. Christofferson       $578,474       $618,288    
John C. Vollmer             $554,813    

The Compensation Committee believes that our NEOs' base salary levels provide appropriate levels of fixed income based on the background, qualifications and skill set of each executive.

Performance Incentive Elements

Annual Cash Bonus (Short-Term Incentive)

Our Compensation Committee annually approves Company performance metrics under our annual cash bonus program, the Executive Incentive Plan ("EIP"), that establishes an annual short-term incentive award opportunity to be paid to each NEO upon achieving certain performance goals.