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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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    Determines compensation amounts for the CEO and each of the other executive officers, taking into account:

      Prior year's compensation;

      Performance assessments;

      Market considerations;

      Individual performance and succession planning and retention considerations;

      Input from the Compensation Committee's independent compensation consultant; and

      For the other NEOs, the CEO's recommendations.

    Reviews and approves the payouts for equity award with completed performance periods.

With respect to long-term incentive equity awards, the initial step in determining the awards is the Compensation Committee's determination of an overall pool for long-term incentive equity awards. This determination is based on a recommendation from the CEO, which takes into account the size of previous pools relative to the growth in the Company's earnings and in eligible employees, the accounting expense, the potential dilutive effects on stockholders and the external competitiveness of individual awards. The Compensation Committee considers market data, including compensation for comparable positions at peer companies, and the strategic importance of a position to determine the long-term incentive equity value to be awarded to each NEO. In making these decisions, the Compensation Committee takes into account the impact of the awards to the NEOs on the remaining pool available for allocation to other executives. The dollar value awarded by the Compensation Committee to each NEO is then converted into a specific number of units, based on the fair market value of AECOM common stock on the date of grant.

2018 Compensation/Organization Committee's Independent Compensation Consultant

The Compensation Committee has the authority to retain the services of outside consultants to assist it in performing its responsibilities. The Compensation Committee engaged the services of the consulting firm Exequity LLP. During fiscal year 2018, the consultant provided data on the compensation and relative performance of compensation peer group companies as well as general industry data to the Compensation Committee, made presentations on regulatory and legislative matters affecting executive compensation, provided opinions on the degree to which compensation arrangements are consistent with market practices, and consulted on other compensation matters as needed. Exequity LLP does not provide any additional services to the Company.

The Compensation Committee has assessed the independence of Exequity LLP, considering the following six factors and other factors that it deemed relevant: (1) other services provided to the Company by Exequity LLP, (2) the amount of fees paid by the Company to Exequity LLP as a percentage of Exequity LLP's total revenue, (3) the policies or procedures maintained by Exequity LLP that are designed to prevent conflicts of interest, (4) any business or personal relationships between the individual employees of Exequity LLP involved in the engagement and a member of the Compensation Committee, (5) any AECOM stock owned by Exequity LLP's employees involved in the engagement and (6) any business or personal relationships between our executive officers and Exequity LLP or the employees of Exequity LLP involved in the engagement. Following such assessment, the Compensation Committee concluded that Exequity LLP is independent and that Exequity LLP's work raises no conflicts of interest.

2018 Assessing Competitive Practice

As part of its due diligence when making compensation decisions, the Compensation Committee examines pay data for a group of companies to stay current with market pay practices and trends and to understand the competitiveness of the Company's total compensation and its components of pay.