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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Incentive plans should support long-term strategy


Revised fiscal year 2019 equity performance awards to add ROIC with underlying profit growth assumptions that are consistent with our five-year financial targets.

      We believe ROIC is a strong measure of long-term profitable growth and value creation, and evidence supports the Compensation Committee's view that a company's ROIC is highly correlated with TSR. Additionally, ROIC is superior to TSR as an incentive metric by focusing attention on driving earnings growth and working capital efficiencies while eliminating the impact of short-term stock market volatility from compensation outcomes and performance measures.

Free cash flow metrics continued to earn above 100%


As of fiscal year 2019, free cash flow per share targets are set at 100% of adjusted EPS target (increased from 90% for fiscal year 2018 awards), which exceed the median of the E&C industry (81%).

      Increasing the conversion target used to determine the cash flow target continues to incentivize and reward cash flow performance that is above the median of peers and ensures management remains focused on delivering industry-leading cash flow.