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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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This feedback helped inform the Compensation Committee's review of plan design and the rigor of goals, leading to changes to fiscal year 2019 plan design.

First, the Compensation Committee held flat the CEO's target pay for fiscal year 2019.

CEO Target Pay


Additionally, the Compensation Committee made significant design changes to fiscal year 2019 compensation metrics to best align our incentive programs with our long-term strategy and profitable growth. Notable design changes include:

    Adding ROIC as a performance metric to our long-term incentive performance equity awards.

    Using a single, three-year cumulative performance period for all performance metrics for our long-term incentive performance equity awards.

    Removing duplicative metrics between the short- and long-term incentive plans.

Finally, when setting goals and reviewing performance, the Compensation Committee considered numerous factors to best align pay with progress towards achieving our long-term strategy objectives and profitable growth. Specifically, in setting fiscal year 2019 metrics and goals, the Compensation Committee considered and incorporated elements from AECOM's five-year financial plan and continued to focus on incentivizing industry-leading cash flow performance. The Compensation Committee increased the rigor of its cash flow goals by setting performance targets for free cash flow at 100% of adjusted earnings per share (increased from 90%). Since the operating cash flow goal in the short-term incentive plan is directly derived from the free cash flow goal, the rigor of the operating cash flow target also increased.

As a result of the above actions, the Compensation Committee believes our incentive programs will best incentivize NEOs and reward financial performance that is most likely to maximize stockholder value creation.