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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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sources for comparable products or services, the terms of the transaction and the terms available to unrelated third parties or employees generally.

Under the policy, if we should discover related party transactions that have not been approved, the Audit Committee will be notified and will determine the appropriate action, including ratification, rescission or amendment of the transaction.

Certain Relationships and Related Transactions

Mr. Tishman, a member of our Board, owns a substantial equity interest in, and has certain management rights with respect to an unaffiliated company which is party to a Shared Services Agreement (the "Services Agreement"), dated July 14, 2010, with our wholly owned subsidiary. Pursuant to the Services Agreement, the parties provide certain support services in exchange for fees based on an annual budget. In fiscal year 2018, the unaffiliated company associated with Mr. Tishman received approximately $15,913 in fees from our wholly owned subsidiary pursuant to the Services Agreement.

The unaffiliated company associated with Mr. Tishman and our wholly owned subsidiary are also parties to an Occupancy Agreement (the "Occupancy Agreement"), dated July 14, 2010, pursuant to which the unaffiliated company associated with Mr. Tishman pays our wholly owned subsidiary a portion of the rent for office space in New York City in exchange for the right to use and occupy a portion of such space. In fiscal year 2018, our wholly owned subsidiary received approximately $1,669,403 in rent from the unaffiliated company associated with Mr. Tishman per the Occupancy Agreement.

Mr. Tishman has an agreement with AECOM for reimbursement of private air travel for AECOM-related business travel to a company owned by Mr. Tishman. In fiscal year 2018, this amount was $139,925. In addition, Mr. Tishman is an indirect owner of an unaffiliated real estate development project company that engaged an AECOM affiliate to perform pre-construction and construction management services totaling $2,417,646 and an indirect owner of an unaffiliated hotel property company that procured $6,563,442 of risk management services and insurance coverage through an AECOM affiliated insurance captive in fiscal year 2018.

Stock Ownership Guidelines for Non-Employee Directors

Non-employee directors are subject to stock ownership guidelines, which are intended to align their interests with those of our stockholders. Under the guidelines, our non-employee directors must maintain ownership of AECOM stock at a multiple of five times the annual retainer by the end of the fiscal year following the fifth anniversary of the director's initial appointment to the Board. The minimum number of shares guideline is updated annually based on the current cash retainer ($100,000) and the 12-month trailing average AECOM stock price. Shares owned directly or indirectly, the value of vested but unexercised stock options and unvested restricted stock are counted toward the guidelines. The following table outlines the ownership of our non-employee directors as of September 30, 2018:

Non-Employee Director

      Requirement —
Retainer Multiple
      Actual —
Retainer Multiple

James H. Fordyce

      5.0       51.9  

Senator William H. Frist

      5.0       16.3  

Linda Griego

      5.0       13.0  

Dr. Robert J. Routs

      5.0       8.8  

Clarence T. Schmitz

      5.0       9.8  

Douglas W. Stotlar

      5.0       17.2  

Daniel R. Tishman

      5.0       55.1  

General Janet C. Wolfenbarger

      5.0       5.9  

Please see the "COMPENSATION DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS" section for a discussion of the executive stock ownership guidelines applicable to our NEOs.