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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Board Self-Assessment

The Nominating Committee facilitates an annual assessment of the performance of the Board and its committees and coordinates reports of the annual results to the full Board for discussions. The Nominating Committee also recommends changes to improve the Board and its committees. The Nominating Committee engages an outside law firm to conduct confidential interviews with each director to obtain input on the performance of the Board, its committees and each director individually.


Director Attendance at Annual Meetings

AECOM's policy is for directors to attend our annual meetings of stockholders unless there are extenuating circumstances. All of the members of our Board of Directors attended the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Director Compensation

Information regarding the compensation of our non-employee directors is discussed below in "DIRECTORS' COMPENSATION FOR FISCAL YEAR 2018."

Director Retirement Policy

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines provide that unless otherwise recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board, directors are expected to retire from the Board at the end of the term of service during which they turn 75 years of age.

Related Party Transaction Policy

We have adopted a written related party transaction policy, which covers transactions in excess of $100,000 between the Company and our directors, executive officers, 5% or greater stockholders and parties related to the foregoing, such as immediate family members and entities they control. The policy requires that any such transaction be considered and approved by our Audit Committee. In reviewing such transactions, the policy requires the Audit Committee to consider all of the relevant facts and circumstances available to the Audit Committee, including (if applicable) but not limited to the benefits to the Company, the availability of other