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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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management matters in connection with its general oversight and approval of corporate matters, as disclosed in the below chart:


We believe the division of risk management responsibilities described above provides an effective framework for evaluating and addressing the risks facing the Company, and that our Board leadership structure supports this approach because it allows our independent directors, through the independent committee chairs, to exercise effective oversight of the actions of management. The Strategy, Risk and Safety Committee, as well as other members of the Board, receive regular updates from the Company's Chief Information Security Officer on the overall cybersecurity risk environment including the Company's enterprise-wide cybersecurity risk assessment results and key initiatives.

Risk Assessment of Compensation Policies and Practices

In fiscal year 2018, the Compensation Committee's independent consultant, Exequity LLP, conducted a risk assessment of the Company's compensation policies and practices as they apply to all employees, including executive officers. Exequity LLP reviewed the design features and performance metrics of our cash and stock-based incentive programs, along with the approval mechanisms associated with each, to determine whether any of these policies and practices could create risks that are reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on the Company.

As part of the review, several factors were noted that reduce the likelihood of excessive risk-taking:

    Our compensation mix is balanced among fixed components such as salary and benefits, annual incentive payments and long-term incentives, including PEP awards and restricted stock units granted under our Amended and Restated 2016 Stock Incentive Plan, which typically vest or are earned over three years.

    The Compensation Committee has ultimate authority to determine, and reduce, if appropriate and consistent with applicable arrangements, compensation provided to our executive officers, including each of the NEOs.

    The Compensation Committee, under its charter, has the authority to retain any advisor it deems necessary to fulfill its obligations and has engaged Exequity LLP as its independent consultant. Exequity performs services for the Compensation Committee as described in the "COMPENSATION DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS" section of this Proxy Statement.