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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Board Meetings

During our fiscal year ended September 30, 2018, our Board met four times, the Audit Committee met five times, the Compensation Committee met three times, the Nominating Committee met once and the Strategy, Risk and Safety Committee met four times. Each incumbent director attended at least 75% of the aggregate of (1) the total number of meetings of our Board and (2) the total number of meetings held by all committees of the Board on which he or she served during fiscal year 2018.

Director Independence

Eight of the 10 director nominees are independent directors as defined in accordance with the listing standards of the NYSE. In addition, David W. Joos, who is no longer a member of the Board but who served on the Board until February 28, 2018, was an independent director as defined in accordance with the listing standards of the NYSE. These standards provide that a director is independent only if our Board affirmatively determines that the director has no direct or indirect material relationship with the Company. They also specify various relationships that preclude a determination of director independence. Material relationships may include commercial, industrial, consulting, legal, accounting, charitable, family and other business, professional and personal relationships.

Applying these standards, our Board, upon the recommendation of our Nominating Committee, annually reviews the independence of our directors. In its most recent review, our Board considered, among other things, the employment relationships between the Company and our directors and their families; the other specific relationships that would preclude a determination of independence under the NYSE independence rules; any affiliation of the Company's directors and their families with the Company's independent registered public accounting firm, compensation consultants, legal counsel and other consultants and advisors; any transactions with directors and members of their families that would require disclosure in this Proxy Statement under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") rules regarding related person transactions; and the modest amount of our contributions to non-profit organizations of which some of our directors or members of their families are associated.

Our Nominating Committee and the Board determined that the following director nominees were independent as determined by the standards of the NYSE: James H. Fordyce, Senator William H. Frist, Linda Griego, Steven A. Kandarian, Dr. Robert J. Routs, Clarence T. Schmitz, Douglas W. Stotlar, General Janet C. Wolfenbarger and that David W. Joos was independent as determined by the standards of the NYSE during his term of service on the Board.

Board Leadership Structure

The Board has been, and continues to be, a proponent of Board independence. As a result, the Company's corporate governance structures and practices provide for a strong, independent Board and include several independent oversight mechanisms, including a lead independent director, only independent directors serving as committee chairs and the directors' and committees' ability to engage independent consultants and advisors.

The Audit, Compensation and Nominating Committees are composed entirely of independent directors. The Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending the appointment of a lead independent director, which is appointed by the Board.

James H. Fordyce has served and been reappointed as the lead independent director since fiscal year 2016. Mr. Fordyce brings considerable financial expertise from his past business experience as well as essential corporate governance experience from his current and prior service on private and public company boards.

The intended purpose of establishing the position of lead independent director is to expand lines of communication between the Board and members of management. It is not intended to reduce the free and