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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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You may vote your shares in person at the 2019 Annual Meeting or by proxy if you are a record holder. There are three ways to vote by proxy: (1) on the Internet by following the instructions on the Notice or proxy card, (2) by telephone by calling 1-800-652-8683 and following the instructions on the Notice or proxy card or (3) by requesting a printed copy of the proxy materials and signing, dating and mailing the enclosed proxy card to our Corporate Secretary at the address below. If your shares are held in the name of a bank, broker or another holder of record, you will receive instructions from the holder of record. You must follow the instructions of the holder of record in order for your shares to be voted. Internet and telephone voting will also be offered to stockholders owning shares through certain banks and brokers.

You may revoke your proxy at any time before it is exercised at the 2019 Annual Meeting by (1) giving our Corporate Secretary written notice of revocation, (2) delivering to us a signed proxy card with a later date, (3) granting a subsequent proxy through the Internet or telephone or (4) attending the 2019 Annual Meeting and voting in person. Written notices of revocation and other communications with respect to the revocation of proxies should be addressed to AECOM, 1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2600, Los Angeles, California 90067, Attention: Corporate Secretary.

All shares represented by valid proxies received and not revoked before they are exercised will be voted in the manner specified in the proxy. Other than with respect to certain trustees who hold our shares in trust, if you submit proxy voting instructions but do not direct how to vote on each item, the persons named as proxies will vote in favor of each of the proposals. Our Board is unaware of any matters other than those described in this Proxy Statement that may be presented for action at our 2019 Annual Meeting. If other matters do properly come before our 2019 Annual Meeting, however, it is intended that shares represented by proxies will be voted in the discretion of the proxy holders.

If you are a beneficial owner and hold your shares in the name of a bank, broker or another holder of record and do not return the voting instruction card, the broker or another nominee may vote your shares on each matter at the 2019 Annual Meeting for which he or she has the requisite discretionary authority. Under applicable rules, brokers have the discretion to vote on routine matters, which include the ratification of the selection of the independent registered public accounting firm. Brokers will not have the discretion to vote on any of the other proposals presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

To gain admission to our 2019 Annual Meeting in person you will need to bring documentation proving that you are the owner of our common stock as of our record date, January 9, 2019, and a valid photo ID. No cameras, recording equipment, telephones or other electronic devices with recording capabilities will be allowed during the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Solicitation of Proxies

We will pay the entire cost of soliciting proxies. In addition to soliciting proxies by mail and by the Internet, we will request banks, brokers and other record holders to send proxies and proxy materials to the beneficial owners of our common stock and to secure their voting instructions, if necessary. We will reimburse record holders for their reasonable expenses in performing these tasks. In addition, we have retained Georgeson Inc. to act as a proxy solicitor in conjunction with the 2019 Annual Meeting. We have agreed to pay Georgeson Inc. a fee of $17,000 plus reasonable expenses, costs and disbursements for proxy solicitation services. If necessary, we may use our regular employees, who will not be specially compensated, to solicit proxies from stockholders, whether personally or by telephone, letter or other means.