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AECOM filed this Form DEF 14A on 01/23/2019
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Executive Compensation Practices

AECOM Employs the Following Executive Compensation Practices

Pay-for-Performance — We condition a majority of compensation for NEOs on the achievement of earnings, cash flow and relative Total Shareholder Return ("TSR") objectives to ensure alignment with our stockholders' interests in fiscal year 2018.

Stockholder Engagement — We engage with stockholders throughout the year about our compensation program.

Stock Ownership Guidelines — We have stock ownership guidelines that require Section 16 officers to maintain a significant equity stake in the Company. The CEO ownership guideline is six times base salary and the guideline for other NEOs is three times base salary.

Independent Consultant — We utilize the services of an independent compensation consultant who does not provide any other services to the Company.

Tally Sheets — We use tally sheets in assessing executive total compensation.

Clawback Policy — We maintain a clawback policy that allows us to recoup a portion of the incentive-based compensation awards paid to current and former Section 16 officers during the three fiscal years before an accounting restatement due to material noncompliance with any financial reporting requirement under the securities laws.

Risk Assessment — Our compensation consultant performs an independent risk assessment of compensation programs.

Say-on-Pay Vote — We have a policy to hold an advisory vote to approve the Company's executive compensation on an annual basis.

Competitive Analysis — We annually seek to understand labor market trends pertaining to amount and form of executive pay delivery through comprehensive competitive analyses.

Acceleration and Minimum Vesting — Our stock incentive plan limits our ability to accelerate the vesting of certain outstanding awards.

AECOM Does Not Employ the Following

Stock Option Repricing — Our stock plan prohibits re-pricing underwater stock options or stock appreciation rights without stockholder approval.

Single Trigger Equity Acceleration — We do not maintain plans or agreements that provide for automatic single-trigger equity acceleration or bonus payments in connection with a change in control (rather any payment of benefit requires a qualifying termination of employment following a change in control known as "double trigger").

Tax Gross-Ups — We do not provide tax gross-ups on change in control severance benefits to NEOs.

Hedging and Pledging — We prohibit hedging transactions involving AECOM common stock and do not allow trading in puts, calls, options or other similar transactions. In addition, we prohibit the pledging of AECOM common stock except in certain limited circumstances subject to Company approval and demonstration of the ability to repay the applicable loan without selling such securities.