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AECOM filed this Form 11-K on 06/14/2018
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A.                              DESCRIPTION OF THE PLAN


The following brief description of the AECOM Retirement & Savings Plan (the “Plan”) is provided for general information purposes only. Participants should refer to the Plan document and the Summary Plan Description for more complete information.


General — The Plan is a defined contribution plan that was established to provide benefits to eligible employees of AECOM (“AECOM” or the “Company”) and various subsidiaries meeting certain employment requirements. The Plan is administered by the Americas Benefits Administration Committee as authorized by AECOM. The Plan is subject to the applicable provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), as amended.


The Plan is intended to qualify as a defined contribution plan (and an eligible individual account plan, as defined in Section 407(d)(3) of ERISA) which is qualified and exempt from taxation under Section 401(a) and 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and is intended to qualify as a profit sharing plan which may invest in shares of stock of the Company which meet the requirements for “qualifying employer securities” under Section 407(d)(5) of ERISA. Assets of the Plan are held by Bank of America, N.A., the trustee and record keeper (the “Trustee”), except for certain investments. Assets in the separately managed accounts are held by Northern Trust Corporation; the Vanguard investment funds are held by The Vanguard Group; and the stable value fund is held at Fidelity Management Trust Company on behalf of the Trustee.


Each participant is entitled to exercise voting rights attributable to the Company shares allocated to his or her account and is notified by the Trustee prior to the time that such rights are to be exercised. The Trustee votes for shares for which instructions have not been given by a participant in accordance with the Trust agreement.


Eligibility — Employees become eligible to participate in the Plan on their date of hire, or as soon as administratively feasible thereafter (“eligible employees,” as defined in the Plan document). If the employee decides not to participate when they are first eligible, they may begin participating anytime, provided they are an eligible employee of the Company on that date.


Participant Contributions — Participants may voluntarily make pre-tax, Roth 401(k) and/or after-tax contributions in any combination. Beginning January 1, 2016, contributions could be made in whole percentage increments up to 75 percent of eligible compensation, as defined in the Plan document, limited to $18,000 for calendar year 2017. Participants who are 50 years of age and over may voluntarily make additional contributions up to $6,000 in calendar year 2017, which are counted as part of the 75 percent limitation. Participants also may contribute amounts representing rollovers from other qualified plans. If participants are highly-compensated employees, the maximum contribution percentage may be subject to further limitation.


The Plan provides for an automatic enrollment feature for employees. A participant’s contribution under the automatic enrollment feature will be one percent pre-tax until either a participant elects to discontinue or change his or her election.


Participant Accounts — Each participant’s account is credited with the participant’s contributions and rollovers, Company contributions, and allocations of Plan investment earnings or losses. Allocations are based on participant earnings or account balances, as defined by the Plan document. Certain administration fees are paid from the participant’s account. The benefit to which a participant is entitled is the benefit that may be provided from the participant’s vested account.


Employer Contributions — The participants’ pre-tax, Roth 401(k), and after-tax contributions made to the Plan are matched 50% by the Company up to 6% of eligible compensation. The Company’s annual match is allocated 50% to the participant’s selected investment allocations and 50% to AECOM common stock. Participants can transfer their account balance in AECOM common stock to other investment options and make withdrawals, subject to certain Plan and legal restrictions. In order to receive the annual match, participants must generally be employed on the last day of the Plan year.


Vesting — Participants’ contributions and rollovers, and the earnings thereon, are at all times vested in such participants’ accounts. Vesting in the Company contributions is based on years of service. Beginning January 1, 2016, a participant vests in the Company contributions over a three year period (33 percent after one year of service and 67 percent after two years of service). Amounts contributed for years prior to 2016 vest in accordance with a prior vesting schedule. Participants become fully vested upon attaining age 65, becoming disabled or deceased while employed at the Company, or upon termination of the Plan. Vesting of Company contributions and earnings thereon are based on years of continuous service. The portion of a participant’s account balance that is not vested upon termination of employment is forfeited at the time the participant receives a distribution or as of the end of the Plan year in which the participant incurs five consecutive one-year breaks in service, as