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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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Consolidated EBITDAmeans, with respect to any Person for any period, the Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period:


(a)                                 increased (without duplication) by the following to the extent deducted (or, in the case of clause (xiii) below, not included) in calculating the Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period:


(i)                                     provision for Federal, state, local and foreign taxes based on income or profits or capital (including, without limitation, state franchise, excise and similar taxes and foreign withholding taxes of such Person) paid or accrued during such period, including any penalties and interest relating to any tax examinations, and (without duplication) net of any tax credits applied during such period (including tax credits applicable to taxes paid in earlier periods); plus


(ii)                                  Consolidated Interest Charges; plus


(iii)                               depreciation and amortization expense; plus


(iv)                              any expenses or charges (other than depreciation or amortization expense) related to any equity offering, Investment, acquisition, Disposition or recapitalization permitted under the Loan Documents or the incurrence of Indebtedness permitted to be incurred under the Loan Documents (including a refinancing thereof) (whether or not successful), including (A) such fees, expenses or charges related to the Transactions and any other credit facilities and (B) any amendment or other modification of the Loan Documents and any other credit facilities; plus


(v)                                 the amount of any restructuring charge or reserve or integration cost, including any one-time costs incurred in connection with the Transactions and acquisitions or divestitures after the Closing Date, in an aggregate amount not to exceed $250,000,000, such amount to increase (with carryforward of all unused amounts) by the amount set forth below, beginning on October 1, 2015 and on each October 1st thereafter:


Increase Date:


Increase Amount:




October 1, 2015







October 1, 2016







October 1, 2017







October 1, 2018 and each October 1 thereafter








(vi)                              other non-cash charges, write-downs, expenses, losses or items reducing Consolidated Net Income of such Person for such period, including any impairment charges or the impact of purchase accounting, (excluding (A) any such non-cash charge, writedown or item to the extent it represents an accrual or reserve for a cash expenditure for a future period and (B) any such non-cash charge related to project writedowns or operations) less other non-cash items of income increasing Consolidated Net Income (excluding any such non-cash item of income to the extent it represents a receipt of cash in any future period so long as such receipt of cash is not included in calculating Consolidated Net Income or Consolidated EBITDA in such later period); plus


(vii)                           all expenses and charges relating to non-controlling Equity Interests and equity income in non-wholly owned Restricted Subsidiaries; plus