SEC Filings

AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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be provided to the Lenders at least twenty (20) days prior to entering into any Mortgage and (y) no Mortgage shall be entered into until the Administrative Agent has received written confirmation from each Lender under the Revolving Credit Facility, Term A US Facility, Term A AUD Facility and Term A CAD Facility, as applicable, that it is satisfied with such items in clauses (iv) and (v);


(d)                                 to the extent required to be delivered pursuant to the terms of the applicable Collateral Documents, all instruments, documents and chattel paper in the possession of any of the Loan Parties, together with allonges or assignments as may be necessary or appropriate to perfect the Administrative Agent’s and the Secured Parties’ security interest in such Collateral;


(e)                                  all (i) certificates (including certificates representing Equity Interests and powers in blank with respect thereto, subject to clause (b) of this definition), agreements, documents and instruments, including UCC financing statements, required by the Collateral Documents and as reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent to be filed, delivered, registered or recorded to create the Liens intended to be created by the Collateral Documents and perfect such Liens to the extent required by, and with the priority required by, the Collateral Documents and the other provisions of the term “Collateral and Guarantee Requirement,” shall have been filed, registered or recorded or delivered to the Administrative Agent for filing, registration or recording and (ii) Taxes, fees and other charges in connection with the execution, delivery, recording, filing and registration of any of the Loan Documents shall have been paid;


(f)                                   in the case of any of the foregoing executed and delivered after the Closing Date, to the extent reasonably requested by the Administrative Agent, the Administrative Agent shall have received documents, Organization Documents, certificates, resolutions and opinions of the type referred to in Section 4.01(a)(iii), (iv) and (v) with respect to each such Person and its Guarantee and/or provision and perfection of Collateral; and


(g)                                  copies of insurance policies, declaration pages, certificates, and endorsements of insurance or insurance binders evidencing liability, casualty, property, terrorism and business interruption insurance meeting the requirements set forth herein or in the Collateral Documents;


provided that the Collateral shall not include, and the Collateral and Guarantee Requirement shall not require, any of the following: (i) any filings or other action in any jurisdiction outside of the United States or required by the Laws of any jurisdiction outside of the United States to create or perfect any security interest, including, without limitation, any intellectual property registered in any jurisdiction outside the United States (it being understood that there shall be no security agreements or pledge agreements governed under the laws of any jurisdiction outside the United States); (ii) control agreements or other control or similar arrangements with respect to deposit accounts, securities accounts or other assets requiring perfection by control (but not, for the avoidance of doubt, control by possession, including of certificated Equity Interests); (iii) any bailee waivers, landlord waivers, estoppels or collateral access letters; (iv) any notices to be sent to account debtors or other contractual third parties (other than during the continuance of Event of Default); (v) pledges and security interests prohibited by applicable law, rule or regulation (to the extent such law, rule or regulation is effective under applicable anti-assignment provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code or other applicable Law (including pursuant to Section 9-406, 9-407, 9-408 or 9-409 of the Uniform Commercial Code)), other than proceeds and receivables thereof; (vi) Equity Interests in any person other than wholly-owned Subsidiaries to the extent not permitted by the terms of such Subsidiary’s organizational or joint venture documents; (vii) (A) more than 65% of the voting Equity Interests in any Subsidiary that is a CFC or Foreign Holding Company, and (B) more than 65% of the Equity Interests in any Subsidiary that is disregarded as an entity from its owner under Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3 and substantially all the assets of which consist for U.S. federal income