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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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Collateral and Guarantee Requirement” means, at any relevant time of determination on and after the date of consummation of the Acquisition, any or all of the following (as applicable):


(a)                                 each Significant Subsidiary shall have executed and delivered to the Administrative Agent a Guaranty, provided that in no event shall AECOM Capital or any of its Subsidiaries be required to be or become a Guarantor or a Loan Party;


(b)                                 each Loan Party shall have executed and delivered to the Administrative Agent (i) a Pledge and Security Agreement or other applicable Collateral Document with respect to (A) all or substantially all of its assets other than Excluded Assets and (B) the Equity Interests in its Subsidiaries, limited (1) in the case of pledges of Equity Interests in CFCs and Foreign Holding Companies, to 65% of such voting Equity Interests and 100% of such non-voting Equity Interests and (2) in the case of any Subsidiary that is disregarded as an entity from its owner under Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3 and substantially all the assets of which consist for U.S. federal income tax purposes of Equity Interests in a CFC or CFC Debt, to 65% of such Equity Interests, and (ii) if applicable, an Intellectual Property Security Agreement;


(c)                                  the Administrative Agent shall have received (i) counterparts of a Mortgage with respect to each Mortgaged Property duly executed and delivered by the record owner of such Mortgaged Property (together with UCC fixture filings if requested by the Administrative Agent), (ii) a policy or policies of title insurance in the amount equal to the fair market value of such Mortgaged Property and fixtures, as determined by the Company in its reasonable discretion, issued by a nationally recognized title insurance company or a title company and/or title agent reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent (the “Title Company”) insuring the Lien of each such Mortgage as a first priority Lien (subject to Permitted Liens) on the Mortgaged Property described therein, free of any other Liens except Permitted Liens, together with such endorsements as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request, together with evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of payment of all premiums of the Title Company and all other sums required in connection with the issuance of each title policy and all recording and stamp taxes (including mortgage recording and intangible taxes) payable in connection with recording the Mortgage in the appropriate real estate records (provided, however, that if recording or stamp taxes are computed based upon the amount secured by such Mortgage, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein or in any other Loan Document, the Mortgage shall expressly state that it only secures a sum certain that is equal to the fair market value of the Mortgaged Property as determined by the Company in its reasonable discretion), (iii) such affidavits, certificates, information (including financial data) and instruments of indemnification as shall be reasonably required to induce the Title Company to issue the title policies and endorsements contemplated above and which are reasonably requested by such Title Company, (iv) a completed “Life-of-Loan” Federal Emergency Management Agency Standard Flood Hazard Determination with respect to each Mortgaged Property (together with a notice about special flood hazard area status and flood disaster assistance duly executed by the applicable Loan Party relating to such Mortgaged Property), (v) if any Mortgaged Property is located in an area determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to have special flood hazards, evidence of such flood insurance as may be required under applicable Law, including Regulation H of the Board of Governors and the other Flood Insurance Laws and as required under Section 6.07(b), (vi) to the extent in the possession of any applicable Loan Party, an ALTA survey for each Mortgaged Property, together with an affidavit of no change, if applicable, in favor of the Title Company, and (vii) such legal opinions as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request with respect to any such Mortgage or Mortgaged Property, in each case, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent; provided that, (x) the items listed in the foregoing clauses (iv) and (v) shall