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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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Availability Period” means, in respect of the Revolving Credit Facility, the period from and including the Closing Date to the earliest of (a) the Maturity Date for the Revolving Credit Facility, (b) the date of termination of all of the Revolving Credit Commitments pursuant to Section 2.06, and (c) the date of termination of the commitment of each Revolving Credit Lender to make Revolving Credit Loans and of the obligation of the applicable L/C Issuers to make L/C Credit Extensions pursuant to Section 8.02.


Bail-In Action” means the exercise of any Write-Down and Conversion Powers by the applicable EEA Resolution Authority in respect of any liability of an EEA Financial Institution.


Bail-In Legislation” means, with respect to any EEA Member Country implementing Article 55 of Directive 2014/59/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union, the implementing law for such EEA Member Country from time to time which is described in the EU Bail-In Legislation Schedule.


Bank of America” means Bank of America, N.A. and its successors.


Base Rate” means for any day a fluctuating rate per annum equal to the highest of (a) the Federal Funds Rate plus 1/2 of 1% (b) the rate of interest in effect for such day as publicly announced from time to time by Bank of America as its “prime rate”, and (c) the Eurocurrency Rate (calculated in accordance with clause (vii) of the definition of Eurocurrency Rate) plus 1.00%.  The “prime rate” is a rate set by Bank of America based upon various factors including Bank of America’s costs and desired return, general economic conditions and other factors, and is used as a reference point for pricing some loans, which may be priced at, above, or below such announced rate.  Any change in such prime rate announced by Bank of America shall take effect at the opening of business on the day specified in the public announcement of such change.


Base Rate Loan” means a Revolving Credit Loan, a Swing Line Loan, a Term A US Loan or a Term B Loan that bears interest based on the Base Rate.  All Base Rate Loans shall be denominated in Dollars.


BBSY” has the meaning ascribed thereto in the definition of “Eurocurrency Rate”.


Benefit Plan” means any of (a) an “employee benefit plan” (as defined in ERISA) that is subject to Title I of ERISA, (b) a “plan” as defined in Section 4975 of the Code or (c) any Person whose assets include (for purposes of ERISA Section 3(42) or otherwise for purposes of Title I of ERISA or Section 4975 of the Code) the assets of any such “employee benefit plan” or “plan”.


BMO” means Bank of Montreal and its successors.


BNP Paribas” means BNP Paribas and its successors.


Borrower” and “Borrowers” each has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto.


Borrower Materials” has the meaning specified in Section 6.02.


Borrowing” means a Revolving Credit Borrowing, a Swing Line Borrowing, a Term A US Borrowing, a Term A CAD Borrowing, a Term A AUD Borrowing or a Term B Borrowing, as the context may require.