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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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8.01        Events of Default.  Any of the following shall constitute an Event of Default:


(a)           Non-Payment.  Any Borrower or any other Loan Party fails to (i) pay when and as required to be paid herein, any amount of principal of any Loan or any L/C Obligation or deposit any funds as Cash Collateral in respect of L/C Obligations, or (ii) pay within three days after the same becomes due, any interest on any Loan or on any L/C Obligation, or any fee due hereunder, or (iii) pay within 10 days after the same becomes due, any other amount payable hereunder or under any other Loan Document; or


(b)           Specific Covenants.  Any Borrower fails to perform or observe any term, covenant or agreement contained in any of Section 6.03, 6.05 (insofar as such Section requires the preservation of the corporate  existence of any Loan Party) or 6.11 or Article VII (provided that a breach of Section 7.11 shall not constitute an Event of Default with respect to any Term B Loans unless and until the Revolving Credit Lenders, the Term A US Lenders, the Term A AUD Lenders and the Term A CAD Lenders (or the Administrative Agent on their behalf) have declared all amounts outstanding under the Revolving Credit Facility, the Term A US Facility, the Term A AUD Facility and the Term A CAD Facility, respectively, to be due and payable and all outstanding Revolving Credit Commitments, Term A US Commitments, Term A AUD Commitments and Term A CAD Commitments, if applicable, to be terminated, in each case in accordance with this Agreement as a result of such breach, and such declaration has not been rescinded) (any such Event of Default with respect to Section 7.11, a “Financial Covenant Event of Default”); or


(c)           Other Defaults.  Any Loan Party fails to perform or observe any other covenant or agreement (not specified in Section 8.01(a) or (b) above) contained in any Loan Document on its part to be performed or observed and such failure continues for 30 days after a Responsible Officer of any Loan Party has actual knowledge thereof; or


(d)           Representations and Warranties.  Any representation, warranty, certification or statement of fact made or deemed made by or on behalf of the Company or any other Loan Party herein, in any other Loan Document, or in any document delivered in connection herewith or therewith shall be incorrect or misleading in any material respect (or, with respect to representations and warranties modified by materiality standards, in any respect)  when made or deemed made; or


(e)           Cross-Default.  (i) Any Borrower or any Significant Subsidiary thereof (A) fails to make any payment when due (whether by scheduled maturity, required prepayment, acceleration, demand, or otherwise) in respect of any Indebtedness or Guarantee (other than Indebtedness hereunder and Indebtedness under Swap Contracts) having an aggregate principal amount (including undrawn committed or available amounts and including amounts owing to all creditors under any combined or syndicated credit arrangement) of more than the Threshold Amount, or (B) fails to observe or perform any other agreement or condition relating to any such Indebtedness or Guarantee of more than the Threshold Amount or contained in any instrument or agreement evidencing, securing or relating thereto, or any other event occurs, the effect of which default or other event is to cause, or to permit the holder or holders of such Indebtedness or the beneficiary or beneficiaries of such Guarantee (or a trustee or agent on behalf of such holder or holders or beneficiary or beneficiaries) to cause, with the giving of notice if required, such Indebtedness to be demanded or to become due or to be repurchased, prepaid, defeased or redeemed (automatically or otherwise), or an offer to repurchase, prepay, defease or redeem such Indebtedness to be made, prior to its stated maturity, or such Guarantee to become payable or cash collateral in respect thereof to be demanded (other than any prepayment of Indebtedness required in connection with a Disposition otherwise permitted hereunder); or (ii) there occurs under any Swap Contract an Early Termination Date (as defined in such Swap Contract) resulting from (A) any event of default under such Swap Contract as to which a Borrower