SEC Filings

AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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7.07        Change in Nature of Business.  Engage in any material line of business substantially different from those lines of business conducted by the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries on the date hereof or any business substantially related or incidental thereto.


7.08        Transactions with Affiliates.  Enter into any transaction of any kind with any Affiliate of the Company, whether or not in the ordinary course of business, other than on fair and reasonable terms substantially as favorable to the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary as would be obtainable by the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary at the time in a comparable arm’s length transaction with a Person other than an Affiliate; provided that the foregoing restriction shall not apply to (i) transactions between or among the Loan Parties, (ii) Investments and Restricted Payments permitted hereby, (iii) customary fees paid to directors, and customary indemnities provided to directors, (iv) any payments pursuant to any of the Company’s employee benefit plans, (v) the rights, privileges and preferences granted to the holders of any class of Preferred Stock of the Company arising under any related certificate of designation, investor rights agreement or regulatory side letter, each in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Required Lenders, (vi) so long as the Company is subject to the filing requirements of the SEC, any transaction that is otherwise permitted by any Company policy regarding such transactions to the extent such policy was approved by the Company’s board of directors, and (vii) any payments or other transaction pursuant to any tax sharing agreement between the Company and any other Person with which the Company files a consolidated tax return or with which the Company is part of a consolidated group for tax purposes.


7.09        Burdensome Agreements.  Enter into any Contractual Obligation (other than this Agreement, any other Loan Document or the Indenture governing the New Notes) that (a) limits the ability (i) of any Restricted Subsidiary to make Restricted Payments to the Company or any Guarantor or to otherwise transfer property to the Company or any Guarantor, (ii) of any Restricted Subsidiary to Guarantee the Indebtedness of the Borrowers or (iii) of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary to create, incur, assume or suffer to exist Liens on property of such Person in favor of the Administrative Agent, the Lenders, the L/C Issuers or the Swing Line Lender;  provided, however, that this clause (iii) shall not prohibit (A) any negative pledge incurred or provided in favor of any holder of Indebtedness permitted under any of Section 7.02(e), 7.02(f), 7.02(g), 7.02(h), 7.02(i), 7.02(j), 7.02(l), 7.02(m) or 7.02(o), in each case solely to the extent any such negative pledge relates to the property financed by, securing or otherwise the subject of such Indebtedness or (B) restrictions on the encumbrance of specific property encumbered to secure payment of particular permitted Indebtedness or to be sold pursuant to an executed agreement with respect to a sale of such assets; or (b) requires the grant of a Lien to secure an obligation of such Person if a Lien is granted to secure another obligation of such Person.  The foregoing provision shall not apply to encumbrances or restrictions existing under or by reason of:  (a) applicable law, rule, regulation or order (including agreements with regulatory authorities), (b) customary net worth, restrictions on cash or other deposits and non-assignment provisions of any lease, license or other contract, (c) customary restrictions with respect to a Restricted Subsidiary pursuant to an agreement that has been entered into for the sale or disposition of all or substantially all of the assets or Equity Interests of such Restricted Subsidiary, (d) customary provisions in joint venture agreements, financing agreements related to Joint Ventures, and other similar agreements relating solely to the securities, assets and revenues of Joint Ventures or other business ventures, (e) restrictions on transfer (including negative pledge provisions) set forth in any agreements relating to any Investment permitted hereunder (including without limitation any such restrictions relating to any Investment in any investment fund pursuant to the provisions of any credit facility entered into by such fund), (f) any provisions existing under, by reason of or with respect to Indebtedness of any Foreign Subsidiary and applicable only to Foreign Subsidiaries, (g) any provisions of or relating to any Performance Contingent Obligation (including without limitation any completion guarantee), (h) any Contractual Obligation that is reasonably determined by the Company not to materially adversely affect the ability of the Company to perform its obligations under the Loan Documents, or (i) any Contractual Obligation existing on the Closing Date or otherwise permitted under this Section 7.09 (and any amendment, restatement, refinancing, replacement or other modification thereof so long as any change to the provisions relevant to this Section 7.09 are not more adverse to the interests of the Lenders in any material respect).