SEC Filings

AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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actions to perfect such Liens as are required pursuant to the Collateral and Guarantee Requirement or the Collateral Documents; provided that in the event any owned real property is mortgaged pursuant to this Section 6.12(c), the Company or other Loan Party, as applicable, shall not be required to comply with the Collateral and Guarantee Requirement and this Section 6.12 with respect to such owned real property until a reasonable time following the acquisition thereof (or time the Person owning such real property becomes a Loan Party, as the case may be), and in no event shall compliance with this Section 6.12(c) be required until 90 days following such acquisition (or redesignation of such Person as a Loan Party, as the case may be).


(d)           Furnish (or cause to be furnished) to the Administrative Agent promptly (and in any event not less than 10 days prior thereto, or such other period as reasonably agreed to by the Administrative Agent) written notice of any change (i) in any Loan Party’s legal name (as set forth in its certificate of organization or like document), (ii) in the jurisdiction of organization or formation of any Loan Party or in the form of its organization, or (iii) in any Loan Party’s organizational identification number or Federal (or similar, with respect to Foreign Obligors) taxpayer identification number.


The time periods required by any of the foregoing clauses (a) through (c) of this Section 6.12 may be extended by the Administrative Agent, acting alone, as it shall agree in its reasonable discretion.


6.13        Compliance with Environmental Laws.  (a) Comply, and cause all lessees and other Persons operating or occupying its properties to comply, in all material respects, with all applicable Environmental Laws and Environmental Permits; (b) obtain and renew all Environmental Permits necessary for its operations and properties; and (c) conduct any investigation, study, sampling and testing, and undertake any cleanup, response or other corrective action necessary to address all Hazardous Materials at, on, under or emanating from any of properties owned, leased or operated by it in accordance with the requirements of all Environmental Laws; except, in each case referred to in clauses (a), (b) and (c) above, as would not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect; provided, however, that neither the Company nor any of its Subsidiaries shall be required to undertake any such cleanup, removal, remedial or other action to the extent that its obligation to do so is being contested in good faith and by proper proceedings and appropriate reserves are being maintained with respect to such circumstances in accordance with GAAP.


6.14        Further Assurances.  Promptly upon request by the Administrative Agent, or any Lender through the Administrative Agent, (a) correct any material defect or error that may be discovered in any Loan Document or in the execution, acknowledgment, filing or recordation thereof, and (b) do, execute, acknowledge, deliver, record, re-record, file, re-file, register and re-register any and all such further acts, deeds, certificates, assurances and other instruments as the Administrative Agent, or any Lender through the Administrative Agent, may reasonably require from time to time in order to (i) carry out more effectively the purposes of the Loan Documents, (ii) except during a Collateral Release Period, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, subject any Loan Party’s or any of its Subsidiaries’ (other than Excluded Subsidiaries) properties, assets, rights or interests (other than Excluded Assets) to the Liens now or hereafter intended to be covered by any of the Collateral Documents, (iii) except during a Collateral Release Period, perfect and maintain the validity, effectiveness and priority of any of the Collateral Documents and any of the Liens intended to be created thereunder and (iv) except during a Collateral Release Period, assure, convey, grant, assign, transfer, preserve, protect and confirm more effectively unto the Secured Parties the rights granted or now or hereafter intended to be granted to the Secured Parties under any Loan Document or under any other instrument executed in connection with any Loan Document to which any Loan Party or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries is or is to be a party, and cause each of its Restricted Subsidiaries to do so.