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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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(g)           leases, subleases, licenses or sublicenses granted in the ordinary course of business, which could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect;


(h)           the sale or other transfer of accounts receivable in connection with the securitization thereof and/or factoring arrangements, which sale is non-recourse to the extent customary in securitizations and/or factoring arrangements and consistent with past practice and, to the extent constituting Indebtedness of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary, within the limits set forth in Section 7.02(f);


(i)            so long as no Default shall have occurred and be continuing, or would result therefrom, other Dispositions in an aggregate amount not to exceed $200,000,000 in any fiscal year; provided that any unused amount may be carried over for use in the next following fiscal year;


(j)            Dispositions of Cash and Cash Equivalents;


(k)           Dispositions of assets within 365 days after the acquisition thereof if such assets are outside the principal business areas to which the assets acquired, taken as a whole, relate;


(l)            in order to collect receivables in the ordinary course of business, resolve disputes that occur in the ordinary course of business or engage in transactions with government agencies in the ordinary course of business, Disposition of, discount or otherwise compromise of for less than the face value thereof, notes or accounts receivable, so long as no such Disposition, discount or other compromise gives rise to any Indebtedness, any Lien on any note or account receivable, or is made as part of any accounts receivable securitization program;


(m)          Dispositions of shares of Equity Interests of any of its Subsidiaries in order to qualify members of the board of directors or equivalent governing body of any such Subsidiary if required by applicable Law; and


(n)           Dispositions of condemned property to the respective Governmental Authority that has condemned the same (whether by deed in lieu of condemnation or otherwise), and Dispositions of properties that have been subject to a casualty to the respective insurer of such property or its designee as part of an insurance settlement;


provided, however, that any Disposition pursuant to this Section 7.05 (other than pursuant to clauses (a), (d), (j) or (l)) shall be for no less than the fair market value of such property at the time of such Disposition.


(o)           Dispositions  by  Loan  Parties  to  non-Loan  Parties  made  in connection with the Corporate Restructuring, so long as (i) no Default or Event of Default exists at such time or would result therefrom, (ii) no such Disposition shall result in the Existing AECOM Global II Loan ceasing to be ultimately owed to a Loan Party (other than as a result of any repayment thereof, including without limitation repayment by way of a capital contribution permitted by Section 7.03 other than Section 7.03(n)) and (iii) to the extent applicable, the Loan Parties comply with the requirements of Section 6.12 within the time periods set forth therein  after giving effect to each such transaction.


7.06        Restricted Payments.  Declare or make, directly or indirectly, any Restricted Payment, or incur any obligation (contingent or otherwise) to do so, or issue or sell any Equity Interests or accept any capital contributions, except that:


(a)           each Restricted Subsidiary may make Restricted Payments to any Loan Party and any other Person that owns a direct Equity Interest in such Restricted Subsidiary, either (i) ratably according to their respective holdings of the type of Equity Interest in respect of which such Restricted Payment is being made