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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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such Lender or such L/C Issuer shall, as applicable, use reasonable efforts to designate a different Lending Office for funding or booking its Loans hereunder or to assign its rights and obligations hereunder to another of its offices, branches or affiliates, if, in the judgment of such Lender or such L/C Issuer, such designation or assignment (i) would eliminate or reduce amounts payable pursuant to Section 3.01 or 3.04, as the case may be, in the future, or eliminate the need for the notice pursuant to Section 3.02, as applicable, and (ii) in each case, would not subject such Lender or such L/C Issuer, as the case may be, to any unreimbursed cost or expense and would not otherwise be disadvantageous to such Lender or such L/C Issuer, as the case may be.  The Company hereby agrees to pay (or cause the applicable Designated Borrower to pay) all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by any Lender or any L/C Issuer in connection with any such designation or assignment.


(b)           Replacement of Lenders.  If any Lender requests compensation under Section 3.04, or if any Borrower is required to pay any Indemnified Taxes or additional amounts to any Lender or any Governmental Authority for the account of any Lender pursuant to Section 3.01, the Company may replace such Lender in accordance with Section 10.13.


3.07        Survival.  All obligations of the Loan Parties under this Article III shall survive termination of the Aggregate Commitments, repayment of all other Obligations hereunder, and resignation of the Administrative Agent.




4.01        Conditions of Initial Credit Extension.  The obligation of each L/C Issuer and each Lender to make its initial Credit Extension hereunder is subject to satisfaction of the following conditions precedent:


(a)           The Administrative Agent’s receipt of the following, each of which shall be originals or telecopies (followed promptly by originals) unless otherwise specified, each properly executed by a Responsible Officer of the signing Loan Party, each dated the Closing Date (or, in the case of certificates of governmental officials, a recent date before the Closing Date) and each in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and each of the Lenders:


(i)            counterparts of this Agreement, the Guaranty, and the Security and Pledge Agreement executed by each Person a party thereto;


(ii)           a Note executed by the applicable Borrowers in favor of each Lender requesting a Note with respect to the applicable Facility;


(iii)          such customary certificates of resolutions or other action, incumbency certificates and/or other certificates of Responsible Officers of each Borrower and each Material Guarantor as the Administrative Agent may require evidencing the identity, authority and capacity of each Responsible Officer thereof authorized to act as a Responsible Officer in connection with this Agreement and the other Loan Documents to which such Borrower or Material Guarantor is a party or is to be a party;


(iv)          such documents and certifications as the Administrative Agent may reasonably require to evidence that each Borrower and each Material Guarantor is duly organized or formed, and that each Borrower and each Material Guarantor is validly existing, in good standing and qualified to engage in business in each jurisdiction where its ownership, lease or operation of properties or the conduct of its business requires such qualification, except to the extent that failure to do so could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect;