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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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2.13        Sharing of Payments by Lenders.  If any Lender shall, by exercising any right of setoff or counterclaim or otherwise, obtain payment in respect of any principal of or interest on any of the Loans made by it, or the participations in L/C Obligations or in Swing Line Loans held by it resulting in such Lender’s receiving payment of a proportion of the aggregate amount of such Loans or participations and accrued interest thereon greater than its pro rata share thereof as provided herein, then the Lender receiving such greater proportion shall (a) notify the Administrative Agent of such fact, and (b) purchase (for cash at face value) participations in the applicable Loans and subparticipations in L/C Obligations and Swing Line Loans of the other Lenders, or make such other adjustments as shall be equitable, so that the benefit of all such payments shall be shared by the Lenders ratably in accordance with the aggregate amount of principal of and accrued interest on their respective Loans and other amounts owing them, provided that:


(i)            if any such participations or subparticipations are purchased and all or any portion of the payment giving rise thereto is recovered, such participations or subparticipations shall be rescinded and the purchase price restored to the extent of such recovery, without interest; and


(ii)           the provisions of this Section shall not be construed to apply to (A) any payment made by or on behalf of a Borrower pursuant to and in accordance with the express terms of this Agreement (including the application of funds arising from the existence of a Defaulting Lender and amounts paid in connection with or after giving effect to the final paragraph of Section 10.01), (B) the application of Cash Collateral provided for in Section 2.17, or (C) any payment obtained by a Lender as consideration for the assignment of or sale of a participation in any of its Loans or subparticipations in L/C Obligations or Swing Line Loans to any assignee or participant, other than an assignment to the Company or any Affiliate thereof (as to which the provisions of this Section shall apply).


Each Borrower consents to the foregoing and agrees, to the extent it may effectively do so under applicable Law, that any Lender acquiring a participation pursuant to the foregoing arrangements may exercise against the Borrowers and Loan Parties rights of setoff and counterclaim with respect to such participation as fully as if such Lender were a direct creditor of such Borrowers and Loan Parties in the amount of such participation.


2.14        Designation of Unrestricted and Restricted Subsidiaries.


(a)           At any time after the Closing Date and upon written notice to the Administrative Agent, the Company may designate any Restricted Subsidiary of the Company (along with all Subsidiaries of such Restricted Subsidiary) as an “Unrestricted Subsidiary”; provided that (i) both before and after giving effect to such designation, no Default or Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, (ii) after giving effect to such designation, the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries shall be in pro forma compliance with each of the covenants in Section 7.11 as of the last day of the most recent fiscal quarter for which financial statements have been delivered pursuant to Section 6.01 (or, if prior to any such delivery, as of the date of the financial statements described in Section 5.05(b)), (iii) once designated as an Unrestricted Subsidiary, the Company may re-designate such Subsidiary as a “Restricted Subsidiary” pursuant to Section 2.14(b), but, thereafter, the Company shall not re-designate such Subsidiary as an “Unrestricted Subsidiary” pursuant to this Section 2.14(a) and (iv) no Subsidiary may be designated as an Unrestricted Subsidiary or continue as an Unrestricted Subsidiary (A) if it is a “Restricted Subsidiary” for the purpose of the indenture governing the New Notes or any other Indebtedness of the Company or any other Loan Party in a stated principal amount in excess of the Threshold Amount or (B) unless each of its direct and indirect Subsidiaries is also designated an Unrestricted Subsidiary pursuant to this Section 2.14(a).  The designation of any Subsidiary as an Unrestricted Subsidiary after the Closing Date shall constitute an Investment by the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary therein at the date of designation in an amount equal to the fair market value of the Company’s or its Restricted Subsidiary’s (as applicable) investment therein and such Investment must at such time be permitted under Section 7.03(j).