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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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date specified therein.  Any prepayment of a Eurocurrency Rate Loan shall be accompanied by all accrued interest on the amount prepaid, together with any additional amounts required pursuant to Section 3.05.  Each prepayment of the outstanding Term Loans pursuant to this Section 2.05(a) shall be applied to the principal repayment installments thereof as the Company may direct (and, in the absence of any such direction, ratably to the Term A US Facility, the Term A CAD Facility, the Term A AUD Facility, and the Term B Facility and on a pro rata basis across the remaining quarterly principal installments thereof).  Subject to Section 2.18, each such prepayment shall be paid to the Lenders in accordance with their respective Applicable Percentages in respect of each of the relevant Facilities.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if such notice of prepayment indicates that such prepayment is to be funded with the proceeds of a new debt or equity financing that would result in the repayment of all Obligations in connection therewith, the termination of the Loans and Commitments under this Agreement and the release or termination of all Liens securing the Obligations hereunder (a “New Financing”), such notice of prepayment may be revoked or delayed if such New Financing is not consummated on the date specified in such notice; provided that Section 3.05 shall apply to any such revocation or delay.


(ii)           The Company may, upon notice to the Swing Line Lender (with a copy to the Administrative Agent), at any time or from time to time, voluntarily prepay Swing Line Loans in whole or in part without premium or penalty; provided that (A) such notice must be received by the Swing Line Lender and the Administrative Agent not later than 1:00 p.m. on the date of the prepayment, and (B) any such prepayment shall be in a minimum principal amount of $100,000.  Each such notice shall specify the date and amount of such prepayment.  If such notice is given by the Company, the Company shall make such prepayment and the payment amount specified in such notice shall be due and payable on the date specified therein


(iii)          In the event that, on or prior to the date that is six months after the Amendment No. 5 Effective Date, a Repricing Transaction occurs, the Company shall pay to the Administrative Agent (A) in the case of a Repricing Transaction described in clause (a) of the definition thereof, for the ratable account of each of the Term B Lenders a prepayment premium of 1.00% of the aggregate principal amount of the Term B Loans so prepaid, refinanced, substituted or replaced and (B) in the case of a Repricing Transaction described in clause (b) of the definition thereof, for the ratable account of each of the Term B Lenders (including any Non-Consenting Lenders under the Term B Facility) to the amendment, a fee equal to 1.00% of the aggregate principal amount of the applicable Term B Loans outstanding immediately prior to such amendment. Such amounts shall be due and payable on the date of effectiveness of such Repricing Transaction.


(b)           Mandatory.


(i)            Following the end of each fiscal year of the Company, commencing with the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, the Company shall prepay Loans in an aggregate amount equal to (A) the applicable ECF Prepayment Percentage of Excess Cash Flow for such fiscal year less (B) the aggregate principal amount of Term Loans, Incremental Term Loans and (to the extent accompanied by a permanent reduction of the Aggregate Revolving Credit Commitments in the same amount) Revolving Loans prepaid pursuant to Section 2.05(a)(i) during such fiscal year or, without duplication, after the end of such fiscal year but prior to the date on which the prepayment described in this clause (i) is required (such prepayments to be applied as set forth in clauses (v) and (viii) below); provided that if all Term B Loans have been paid in full and the Term B Facility has been terminated on or prior to the date a prepayment under this clause (i) would have been required to have been made, no such prepayment shall be required for such fiscal year or any subsequent fiscal year.  Each prepayment pursuant to this clause (i) shall be made no later than the date that is five Business Days after the date on which financial statements are required to be delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(a) with respect to the fiscal year for which Excess Cash Flow is being calculated.