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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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Administrative Agent or any Loan Party, at least one Business Day prior to the requested date of issuance or amendment of the applicable Letter of Credit, that one or more applicable conditions contained in Article IV shall not then be satisfied, then, subject to the terms and conditions hereof, such L/C Issuer shall, on the requested date, issue a Letter of Credit for the account of the applicable Permitted L/C Party or enter into the applicable amendment, as the case may be, in each case in accordance with such L/C Issuer’s usual and customary business practices.  Immediately upon the issuance of each Letter of Credit, each Revolving Credit Lender shall be deemed to, and hereby irrevocably and unconditionally agrees severally but not jointly to, purchase from the applicable L/C Issuer a risk participation in such Letter of Credit in an amount equal to the product of such Revolving Credit Lender’s Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage times the amount of such Letter of Credit.


(iii)          If the Company or any Permitted L/C Party so requests in any applicable Letter of Credit Application, the applicable L/C Issuer may, in its discretion, agree to issue a Letter of Credit that has automatic extension provisions (each, an “Auto-Extension Letter of Credit”); provided that any such Auto-Extension Letter of Credit must permit such L/C Issuer to prevent any such extension at least once in each twelve-month period (commencing with the date of issuance of such Letter of Credit) by giving prior notice to the beneficiary thereof not later than a day (the “Non-Extension Notice Date”) in each such twelve-month period to be agreed upon at the time such Letter of Credit is issued.  Unless otherwise directed by the applicable L/C Issuer, the Company shall not be required to make a specific request to such L/C Issuer for any such extension.  Once an Auto-Extension Letter of Credit has been issued, the Revolving Credit Lenders shall be deemed to have authorized (but may not require) the applicable L/C Issuer to permit the extension of such Letter of Credit at any time to an expiry date not later than the Letter of Credit Expiration Date; provided, however, that such L/C Issuer shall not permit any such extension if (A) such L/C Issuer has determined that it would not be permitted, or would have no obligation at such time to issue such Letter of Credit in its revised form (as extended) under the terms hereof (by reason of the provisions of clause (ii) or (iii) of Section 2.03(a) or otherwise), or (B) it has received notice (which may be by telephone or in writing) on or before the day that is seven Business Days before the Non-Extension Notice Date (1) from the Administrative Agent that the Required Revolving Lenders have elected not to permit such extension or (2) from the Administrative Agent, any Revolving Credit Lender or the Company that one or more of the applicable conditions specified in Section 4.02 is not then satisfied, and in each such case directing such  L/C Issuer not to permit such extension.


(iv)          Promptly after its delivery of any Letter of Credit or any amendment to a Letter of Credit to an advising bank with respect thereto or to the beneficiary thereof, the applicable L/C Issuer will also deliver to the Company and the Administrative Agent a true and complete copy of such Letter of Credit or amendment.


(c)           Drawings and Reimbursements; Funding of Participations.


(i)            Upon receipt from the beneficiary of any Letter of Credit issued under the Revolving Credit Facility of any notice of a drawing under such Letter of Credit, the applicable L/C Issuer shall notify the Company and the Administrative Agent thereof.  In the case of a Letter of Credit denominated in an Alternative Currency, the Company shall reimburse the applicable L/C Issuer in such Alternative Currency, unless (A) such L/C Issuer (at its option) shall have specified in such notice that it will require reimbursement in Dollars, or (B) in the absence of any such requirement for reimbursement in Dollars, the Company shall have notified such L/C Issuer promptly following receipt of the notice of drawing that the Company will reimburse such L/C