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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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(l)            Letters of Credit Issued for Permitted L/C Parties.  Notwithstanding that a Letter of Credit issued or outstanding hereunder is in support of any obligations of, is for the account of, or the applicant therefor is, a Permitted L/C Party other than the Company, the Company shall be obligated to reimburse the applicable L/C Issuer hereunder for any and all drawings under such Letter of Credit.  The Company hereby acknowledges that the issuance of Letters of Credit for the account of, or upon the application, of Permitted L/C Parties other than the Company inures to the benefit of the Company, and that the Company’s business derives substantial benefits from the businesses of such Permitted L/C Parties.


(m)          Additional L/C Issuers.  In addition to Bank of America, BMO, BNP Paribas and Wells Fargo, the Company may from time to time, with notice to the Revolving Credit Lenders and the consent of the Administrative Agent (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and the applicable Revolving Credit Lender being so appointed, appoint additional Revolving Credit Lenders to be L/C Issuers.  Upon the appointment of a Lender as an L/C Issuer hereunder such Person shall become vested with all of the rights, powers, privileges and duties of an L/C Issuer hereunder.


(n)           Removal of L/C Issuers.  The Company may at any time remove any Lender from its role as an L/C Issuer hereunder upon not less than 30 days prior notice to such L/C Issuer (or such shorter period of time as may be acceptable to such L/C Issuer); provided that such removed L/C Issuer shall retain all the rights, powers, privileges and duties of an L/C Issuer hereunder with respect to all Letters of Credit outstanding as of the effective date of its removal as L/C Issuer and all L/C Obligations with respect thereto (including the right to require the Revolving Credit Lenders to make Base Rate Loans or fund risk participations in Unreimbursed Amounts pursuant to Section 2.03(c)).  Without limiting the foregoing, upon the removal of a Revolving Credit Lender as an L/C Issuer hereunder, the Company may, or at the request of such removed L/C Issuer the Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to, arrange for one or more of the other L/C Issuers to issue Letters of Credit hereunder in substitution for the Letters of Credit, if any, issued by such removed L/C Issuer and outstanding at the time of such removal, or make other arrangements reasonably satisfactory to the removed L/C Issuer to effectively cause another L/C Issuer to assume the obligations of the removed L/C Issuer with respect to any such Letters of Credit.


(o)           Reporting of Letter of Credit Information.  At any time that any Lender other than the Person serving as the Administrative Agent is an L/C Issuer, then (i) on the last Business Day of each calendar month, (ii) on each date that a Letter of Credit is amended, terminated or otherwise expires, (iii) on each date that an L/C Credit Extension occurs with respect to any Letter of Credit, and (iv) upon the request of the Administrative Agent, each L/C Issuer (or, in the case of part (ii), (iii) or (iv), the applicable L/C Issuer) shall deliver to the Administrative Agent a report setting forth in form and detail reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent information (including, without limitation, any reimbursement, Cash Collateral, or termination in respect of Letters of Credit issued by such L/C Issuer) with respect to each Letter of Credit issued by such L/C Issuer that is outstanding hereunder.  In addition, any L/C Issuer that is not the Administrative Agent shall promptly notify the Administrative Agent of its Letter of Credit Commitment (x) on the Amendment No. 5 Effective Date (with respect to the L/C Issuers on such date), (y) on the date such L/C Issuer becomes an L/C Issuer (if after the Amendment No. 5 Effective Date) and (z) on any date such Letter of Credit Commitment is increased or decreased (including any termination thereof).  No failure on the part of any L/C Issuer to provide such information pursuant to this Section 2.03(o) shall limit the obligation of the Company or any applicable Lender hereunder with respect to its reimbursement and participation obligations, respectively, pursuant to this Section 2.03.


2.04        Swing Line Loans.  (a)  The Swing Line.  Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Swing Line Lender, in reliance upon the agreements of the other Lenders set forth in this Section 2.04, shall make loans in Dollars (each such loan, a “Swing Line Loan”) to a Domestic Borrower from time to time on any Business Day during the Availability Period in an aggregate amount not to exceed at any