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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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(ii)           If any payment received by the Administrative Agent for the account of the applicable L/C Issuer pursuant to Section 2.03(c)(i) or (d)(i) is required to be returned under any of the circumstances described in Section 10.05 (including pursuant to any settlement entered into by such L/C Issuer in its discretion), each Revolving Credit Lender shall pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of such L/C Issuer its Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage thereof, on demand of the Administrative Agent, plus interest thereon from the date of such demand to the date such amount is returned by such Lender, at a rate per annum equal to the applicable Overnight Rate from time to time in effect.  The obligations of the Lenders under this clause shall survive the payment in full of the Obligations and the termination of this Agreement.


(f)            Obligations Absolute.  The obligation of the Company to reimburse the applicable L/C Issuer for each drawing under each Letter of Credit and to repay each L/C Borrowing shall be absolute, unconditional and irrevocable, and shall be paid strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement under all circumstances, including the following:


(i)            any lack of validity or enforceability of such Letter of Credit, this Agreement, or any other Loan Document;


(ii)           the existence of any claim, counterclaim, setoff, defense or other right that the Company or any Subsidiary or Joint Venture may have at any time against any beneficiary or any transferee of such Letter of Credit (or any Person for whom any such beneficiary or any such transferee may be acting), such L/C Issuer or any other Person, whether in connection with this Agreement, the transactions contemplated hereby or by such Letter of Credit or any agreement or instrument relating thereto, or any unrelated transaction;


(iii)          any draft, demand, certificate or other document presented under such Letter of Credit proving to be forged, fraudulent, invalid or insufficient in any respect or any statement therein being untrue or inaccurate in any respect; or any loss or delay in the transmission or otherwise of any document required in order to make a drawing under such Letter of Credit;


(iv)          waiver by such L/C Issuer of any requirement that exists for such L/C Issuer’s protection and not the protection of the Company or any waiver by such L/C Issuer which does not in fact materially prejudice the Company;


(v)           honor of a demand for payment presented electronically even if such Letter of Credit requires that demand be in the form of a draft;


(vi)          any payment made by such L/C Issuer in respect of an otherwise  complying item presented after the date specified as the expiration date of, or the date by which documents must be received under such Letter of Credit if presentation after such date is authorized by the UCC or the ISP, as applicable;


(vii)         any payment by such L/C Issuer under such Letter of Credit against presentation of a draft or certificate that does not strictly comply with the terms of such Letter of Credit; or any payment made by such L/C Issuer under such Letter of Credit to any Person purporting to be a trustee in bankruptcy, debtor-in-possession, assignee for the benefit of creditors, liquidator, receiver or other representative of or successor to any beneficiary or any transferee of such Letter of Credit, including any arising in connection with any proceeding under any Debtor Relief Law;