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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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the ordinary course of business, (c) the Company and its Subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, are able to pay their debts and liabilities, subordinated, contingent or otherwise, as such liabilities become absolute and matured in the ordinary course of business; and (d) the Company and its Subsidiaries, on a consolidated basis, are not engaged in, and are not about to engage in, any business or transaction contemplated as of such date for which they have unreasonably small capital.  The amount of any contingent liability at any time shall be computed as the amount that would reasonably be expected to become an actual and matured liability at such time.


Special Notice Currency” means at any time an Alternative Currency, other than the currency of a country that is a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development at such time located in North America or Europe.


Specified Default” shall mean an Event of Default arising under either or both of Sections 8.01(a) or 8.01(f).


Specified Loan Party” means any Loan Party that is not an “eligible contract participant” under the Commodity Exchange Act (determined prior to giving effect to any “keepwell, support or other agreement”).


Specified Purchase Agreement Representations” means the representations made by the Target and/or its Subsidiaries with respect to the Target and/or its Subsidiaries in the Acquisition Agreement as are material to the interests of the Lenders, but only to the extent that the Company (or any applicable Affiliate of the Company, including any other applicable Subsidiary of the Company) has the right to terminate its obligations under the Acquisition Agreement, or to decline to consummate the Acquisition pursuant to the Acquisition Agreement, as a result of a breach of such representation in the Acquisition Agreement, determined without regard to whether any notice is required to be delivered by the Company or any of its Affiliates party to the Acquisition Agreement.


Specified Representations” means the representations and warranties of the Company and the Material Guarantors set forth in Sections 5.01(a), 5.01(b)(ii) (but solely to the extent related to the Loan Documents), 5.02 (other than part (b) or (c) thereof), 5.04, 5.14, 5.18, 5.19, 5.20 and 5.21 (but only to the extent related to the creation, validity and (solely with respect to Liens in assets with respect to which a Lien may be perfected by filing of a UCC financing statement under the Uniform Commercial Code or filing of a security agreement with the United States Copyright Office or the United States Patent and Trademark Office) perfection of Liens) of this Agreement.


Specified Transaction” means any Investment that results in a Person becoming a Restricted Subsidiary, any designation of a Subsidiary as a Restricted Subsidiary or an Unrestricted Subsidiary, any Permitted Acquisition, any Disposition that results in a Restricted Subsidiary ceasing to be a Subsidiary of the Company, any Investment constituting an acquisition of assets constituting a business unit, line of business or division of another Person or any Disposition of a business unit, line of business or division of the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary, in each case whether by merger, consolidation, amalgamation or otherwise, and in each case, in excess of $20,000,000 per such transaction (or series of related transactions), or any incurrence or repayment of Indebtedness (other than Indebtedness incurred or repaid under any revolving credit facility without any adjustment to the commitments thereunder), Restricted Payment or other event that by the terms of this Agreement requires a test to be calculated for “pro forma compliance” or on a “pro forma basis” or after giving “pro forma effect.”