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AECOM filed this Form 8-K on 03/14/2018
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Issuer Documents” means with respect to any Letter of Credit, the Letter of Credit Application, and any other document, agreement and instrument entered into by an L/C Issuer and the Company (or any other Permitted L/C Party) or in favor of such L/C Issuer and relating to such Letter of Credit.


Joint Venture” means a joint venture, partnership or similar arrangement formed for the purpose of performing a single project or series of related projects, whether in corporate, partnership or other legal form; provided that, in no event shall a Subsidiary be considered a “Joint Venture.”


Laws” means, collectively, all international, foreign, Federal, state, provincial and local statutes, treaties, rules, guidelines, regulations, ordinances, codes and administrative or judicial precedents or authorities, including the interpretation or administration thereof by any Governmental Authority charged with the enforcement, interpretation or administration thereof, and all applicable administrative orders, directed duties, requests, licenses, authorizations and permits of, and agreements with, any Governmental Authority, in each case whether or not having the force of law.


L/C Advance” means each Revolving Credit Lender’s funding of its participation in any applicable L/C Borrowing in accordance with its Applicable Revolving Credit Percentage.  All L/C Advances shall be denominated in Dollars.


L/C Borrowing” means an extension of credit resulting from a drawing under any Letter of Credit which has not been reimbursed on the date when made or, to the extent applicable, refinanced as a Revolving Credit Borrowing.  All L/C Borrowings shall be denominated in Dollars.


L/C Credit Extension” means, with respect to any Letter of Credit, the issuance thereof or extension of the expiry date thereof, or the increase of the amount thereof.


L/C Issuer” means (i) Bank of America, (ii) JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., (iii) The Bank Of Nova Scotia, (iv) BNP Paribas, (v) Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank and (vi) any other Revolving Credit Lender that becomes an L/C Issuer in accordance with Section 2.03(m) hereof (in each case under (i) through (vi), for so long as such Person shall have a Letter of Credit Commitment), (vii) solely with respect to any Existing Letter of Credit issued by a Revolving Credit Lender other than the foregoing (i) through (vi), such Revolving Credit Lender (only for such Existing Letters of Credit) and (viii) solely with respect to any Fifth Amendment Existing Letter of Credit, the Lender that issued each such Fifth Amendment Existing Letter of Credit (only for such Fifth Amendment Existing Letters of Credit), each in its respective capacity as issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder, or any successor issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder, but excluding any Lender that resigns or is removed as an L/C Issuer pursuant to the terms hereof (except to the extent such Person has continuing rights and/or obligations with respect to Letters of Credit after such resignation or removal).  References to the L/C Issuer herein shall, as the context may indicate (including with respect to any particular Letter of Credit, L/C Credit Extension, L/C Borrowing or L/C Obligations), mean the applicable L/C Issuer, each L/C Issuer, any L/C Issuer, or all L/C Issuers.  For the avoidance of doubt, as of the Amendment No. 5 Effective Date no issuer of a Fifth Amendment Existing Letter of Credit shall be an L/C Issuer other than for purposes of Fifth Amendment Existing Letters of Credit (unless such Lender is later appointed as an L/C Issuer pursuant to Section 2.03(m) hereof after the Amendment No. 5 Effective Date).


L/C Obligations” means, as at any date of determination with respect to the applicable Facility, the aggregate amount available to be drawn under all outstanding Letters of Credit under such Facility plus the aggregate of all Unreimbursed Amounts, including all L/C Borrowings under such Facility.  For purposes of computing the amount available to be drawn under any Letter of Credit, the amount of such Letter of Credit shall be determined in accordance with Section 1.09.  For all purposes of this Agreement, if on any date of determination a Letter of Credit has expired by its terms but any amount may still be drawn thereunder by reason of the operation of Rule 3.14 of the ISP, such Letter of Credit shall be deemed to be “outstanding” in the amount so remaining available to be drawn.