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AECOM filed this Form 10-Q on 08/12/2015

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·                  environmental concerns regarding the methods our customers use to extract natural gas;


·                  the availability of water resources and the cost of disposal and recycling services; and


·                  seasonal limitations on access to work locations.


Anticipated future prices for natural gas and crude oil are a primary factor affecting spending and drilling activity by our customers. The decline in prices for oil and natural gas has decreased spending and drilling activity, which has caused declines in demand for our services and in the prices we are able to charge for our services. Worldwide political, economic, military and terrorist events, as well as natural disasters and other factors beyond our control contribute to oil and natural gas price levels and volatility and are likely to continue to do so in the future.


Failure to successfully execute our acquisition strategy may inhibit our growth.


We have grown in part as a result of our acquisitions over the last several years, and we expect continued growth in the form of additional acquisitions and expansion into new markets. If we are unable to pursue suitable acquisition opportunities, as a result of global economic uncertainty or other factors, our growth may be inhibited. We cannot assure that suitable acquisitions or investment opportunities will continue to be identified or that any of these transactions can be consummated on favorable terms or at all. Any future acquisitions will involve various inherent risks, such as:


·                  our ability to accurately assess the value, strengths, weaknesses, liabilities and potential profitability of acquisition candidates;


·      the potential loss of key personnel of an acquired business;


·                  increased burdens on our staff and on our administrative, internal control and operating systems, which may hinder our legal and regulatory compliance activities;


·                  liabilities related to pre-acquisition activities of an acquired business and the burdens on our staff and resources to comply with, conduct or resolve investigations into such activities;


·                  post-acquisition integration challenges; and


·                  post-acquisition deterioration in an acquired business that could result in lower or negative earnings contribution and/or goodwill impairment charges.


Furthermore, during the acquisition process and thereafter, our management may need to assume significant transaction-related responsibilities, which may cause them to divert their attention from our existing operations. If our management is unable to successfully integrate acquired companies or implement our growth strategy, our operating results could be harmed. In addition, even if the operations of an acquisition are integrated successfully, we may not realize the full benefits of the acquisition, including the synergies, cost savings, or sales or growth opportunities that we expect. These benefits may not be achieved within the anticipated time frame, or at all. Moreover, we cannot assure that we will continue to successfully expand or that growth or expansion will result in profitability.


Uncertainties associated with the URS acquisition may cause a loss of management personnel and other key employees which could adversely affect our future business, operations and financial results following the URS acquisition.


We and our subsidiaries are dependent on the experience and industry knowledge of our senior management and other key employees to execute our business plans. Our success following the URS acquisition will continue to depend in part upon our ability to retain key management personnel and other key employees. Our current and prospective employees may experience uncertainty about their roles within our company, which may have an adverse effect on the ability of each of us to attract or retain key management and other key personnel.


Accordingly, no assurance can be given that we will be able to attract or retain our key management personnel and other key employees to the same extent that our companies have previously been able to attract or retain employees prior to the URS acquisition. In addition, we might not be able to locate suitable replacements for any such key employees who leave us or offer employment to potential replacements on reasonable terms.